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Player, manager, owner ... Stars are all baseball. Make your own teams and leagues: hire, fire, and trade players to develop the ultimate baseball star. Play against a friend to challenge the computer - you'll never have to worry about the rainy days again with this downloadable flash game!

For me, my favorite was Baseball Stars. I spent several summers as a child of my own team in my league, players can earn money and they deserve better.

Keep in mind. The game is extremely simple (and length), and this time, the gameplay and graphics were great. The best part of the game was to make your own team and see it grow. Star Baseball with eight teams, they have created, none of its teams from MLB in real life. All have their charm.

American Dreams - The players are all named after American celebrities. Pete, Babe, Joe, Willie and Hank, and the hill, they Sandie and Cy. All baseball fans can know who they are appointed. This is by far the best team in the match.

Play with friends if you dare.

Blacksox Ninja - The players themselves are not remarkable for the most part, but a team name and Ninjas combines Blacksox scandal is interesting. Oddly, this team has a female player (Kuno) and the rest are men (about gender in the baseball stars later).

Brave Warriors - boring, but a strong name and a cool team name.

Japan Robins - Different names of players from Japan is the best. Oh (probably named after Saddaru Oh) for this third team bats.

World powers - a team with players named after famous historical people at random. Wilbur, Orville, Hulk, Plato, Caesar, Brutus, Zeus, and Watson Genghis. Nice touch with Caesar and Brutus in the same team. Somehow, this team is not very good.

Ghastly Monsters - A team whose players are named, as well, monsters. Cyclops, Lenny, Medusa, Jekyl, Zombie, Mummy, Freddy, Hacker and frightening.

Lovely Ladies - A team of women! And they all wear pink! The team is pretty good pitching and defense, but can not hit at all.

SNK Crushers - A team of employees who probably made the game is (the company who made it is SNK). And they are all terrible. Looks like the game designers would be nice, as they are in games from EA Sports. But not here.

There were only eight different computer is playing teams, but as I said earlier, you get to create your own teams. And that's what keeps you always play the game up to six teams created by the user and mold to your liking. You can use a team full of superstars, a pitching-heavy team, a team of power-heavy, or whatever your heart desires.

You can rename all of your players what you want to retrieve the logo of your team. As you play teams, your team earns money, you can spend to improve the players on your team. So what usually happens when you end a team that you play against the breakers and SNK ladies first, and work your way up to good teams, eventually defeated the American dream.

And best of all - the memory is stored (in general). Being able to track the progress of a team to save time has been incredible.

The gameplay was ridiculously easy to learn, but took the time to master - Pitching was just "A" and hold a fastball, slow pitch, left a ball which turns left and right for a ball on the curves right. Not complicated. Store was simply "A" at the right time, or by typing "A" for a bunt. Again, not complicated.

The pace of the flash game - you can easily play nine games 10-20 minutes. For players of video games (with an attention span of kids) it was great.

Home runs - When a HR has been struck, the crowd would be going into a massive celebration on the same traditional music and play the scoreboard say "Home Run" with a shot of the pitcher and batter beat the end of the dirt foundation, the pumping his fist in the air. It never gets old.

This downloadable flash game had a lot of details does not happen often, but could make the game fun still.

-There was a rule of leniency, which means that if you 10 rounds at the end of a round is finished. Do not use a massacre in eternity past.

0 If you try to steal a home run, you can 0utfielder fall over the wall. Again, I have never old.
- When a female batter hit a sharp ball, she would fall to the ground and cry. Very sexist, but funny, especially at a younger age

Directional pad (D-Pad) - Up, Down, Left or Right

This is the direction you want anything to go, Pitches, Runners, Throw's & Fielders

"A" button with the D-Pad will throw the ball in that direction (if you just hit the A-button with no D-pad pitching will go straight & fielding will throw to 1st base

"B" button with the D-Pad will run in that direction fielders will run to the base

Start - Pauses the game & press "A" to change Fielder, Hitter or Runner

Tip: To hit the ball better, get used to the different sounds and what kind of ball is being thrown or hit.

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