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Game description:
Get ready to get back in action First Person Shooter SWAT Assault 2 Go. Shoot the Bad Guys to score points.
Game Controls:
Use your to Aim & Shoot
Press the to Reload

Swat Assault is a multi-level first person shooter game. Engage enemies taken at a secret government warehouse organization. Get bonus points for shooting accurately and avoiding enemy fire.

Warehouse Level 1 Government
Shoot every terrorist as they push objects and windows. Make sure that a guard of enemies who lurk at the edges of the screen. Level 1 ends when you have 20 enemies defeated.

Alley Arcade Level 2
Arcade Alley is not where you want to hang late at night. shoot enemies hiding behind boxes on the left and right of the party. The terrorists hostile drives a red car is the most dangerous. Make sure that the driver of the car pulling every time he enters the alley. conquer the enemy threat in advance to level 3.

Factory vapor level 3
Now that your enemy on the run, keep firing at the enemy. Stay alive by going to the next level.

Level 4 facilities in the roof
The attempt at a hostile helicopter on the roof to catch. Remove the roof and stop the terrorists escape. Shoot the helicopter before slain. Conquer this level to your mission to lose weight.

The competition for the best score in the Swat free online games
Focus on preserving your life to avoid enemy fire. Hit all enemies without you not to achieve results better accuracy.

Once you get good enough, you can try playing in the tournament for real prizes!

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