Civony| Evony Age Online

Evony (Civony was known until a few days) is a massively multiplayer online you play in a browser. This is a non-download able flash game, and it is impressive.

It is a game where you build a city, resource management, build an army and conquer the people trying to do the same things. (I'm told it is similar to Age of Empires, even in the style of graphics, I've never played AoE, so I'm not sure.) At first glance, a game that should go get a box few years ago. Then you realize that for all the beautiful graphics, workers in the fields, mountains of clouds on your city, brilliant, the game has no moving parts, is a set menu with a user interface very attractive. However, the load almost immediately so much surprisingly, he is the most appropriate bit of Flash I've seen.

You play three scales and on many menus. The larger scale is a world map, a grid composed of towns and hidden areas that you can conquer and garrison modifiers to access your production. For example, if you win a pasture, you can get 11% of your food so long and it is yours. Cities can be conquered, there are cities NPC for your quest, the rest are other players like you. The game has multiple servers, so it's probably on every player limit. The world map is 800 × 800 or 640,000 lots, and there is no mini-map or non-random features of the site to give you an idea of what is happening. But when you start playing it does not cover.

The middle level shows the country just outside of your city where you gather resources. To set up farms, mills, quarries and mines, collecting four units of the game, food, wood, stone and iron. The number of these sensors, you can have is limited by the level of the hall in your city and the staff available in your population. Improve collectors in a higher level is completed by the City Council level, and all levels new manifold is exponentially expensive in resource costs and rewards of resource production, so a level 2 mill is better than a level two plants. You have the choice of what to build on your limited space, and the game includes a trading system, where players buy and sell offers an economy with a normal price for each resource. It seems that wood is the most popular resource in the game, so he commanded a higher price, which means bending toward timber production is a powerful way to go. The economy of the game works well enough that several players joining the game, prices fall by several suppliers, as it should. That meant going into the trade in gold early game and worked well.

The smallest scale is the point of view of the city, most of the time it occupies. It's like a SimCity very disengaged. Your resources you make your city buildings to improve, placing each set on a rack in a wall. Building your population increases, a college, you can study a large tree tech improvements that are closely related set of requirements, production of troop barracks, and so on. Most of us have played like this, but I think the thought and the balance in the design here, from execution. First, the limited space makes the choice. A player can build more housing in a city more productive and populous, would build more barracks for the troops to produce faster. If a city is attacked and not successfully defended resource areas outside have been stolen, but a warehouse building provides resources to protect the interior walls, which means the construction of more storage can lead to a treasure of the city. If the game goes, it is possible to have multiple cities and trade between them to make good use of specialized cities. Second choice, the management tools to the city, you have a tax, levies and other tools to link a city stat and other issues affecting them. It is possible to take decisions with short-term gains and long-term problems, whether the opposite positive and situations may arise in the strength of the player in the difficult discussions. More importantly, it's just really fun to build houses, and seeing your beloved city prosper.

New players receive seven days of attack, and are unable to attack or nominations until after that time. As I, my plan was to play seven days, then killed by someone important to abandon. I'll tell you how the game is addictive: they give you quests to try each building and game mechanics, and the quest rewards are not nearly enough resources or articles to the next step in the quest to accomplish, so you continue. Whenever you need search the menu for your quest becomes a green check mark and you click to pay and ask to feel like a winner.

These are really horrible mistakes in the game: all buildings and research in real time to complete, which means that you must wait. Like, all the time, whenever you can be spent waiting. So a level 1 house takes maybe 1 minute to build, and you can start watching a timer to go down. The game allows you to jump any time within 5 minutes, so if you have the resources that you appreciate a lot of game to start to build buildings in a hurry, but soon you have 6 minutes of waiting. You can try something else to do during this time, surfing the Internet, write a review, but it's never enough time for your thoughts on what you want to build the next, you will not do anything . The buildings are one to one city, and there is no queue, you can not script the rest of your map of the city and then return a few days. No waiting means that if your building is made in 50 minutes, you should really make the computer in 50 minutes, unless you want people crazier than you gain an advantage. During the period, the game player gives you new items to spend time building, hiding the painful secret game.

Here are some other hard truths about the game is made in China, and while the full game as you always see is "Evony - Forever Free", it's pretty obvious you ask for money. The game elements associated sustainable construction and provides many other benefits can be purchased for the game "money" which they buy for you, like Chuck E. Cheese pennies, turning what looks like real money in cash, but always one. The Chinese ancestry makes for some funny trouble with English phrases like "condition of this hero is no backup (Your hero is in the process) is written everywhere. Probably the worst match leakage, which makes it even more unplayable than the expectation is that once you have a lot of things in the game can slow down your CPU to up to 90% + and you worry about your computer . This game is really not worth blowing my laptop.

Opposite of what I expected, the protection expires seven days makes the game more fun. I was attacked and slightly offset, but I was able to build more cities, and commute the means to start a new colony renewed all the pleasure of playing the first day. I joined an alliance, and we started to defend each other and focus our enemies.

But eventually I realized there was no point. The game does not want his players are eliminated, making it impossible to capture the last city of a player. The fighting game has no graphical interface, you have just read an account of what happened, and combat mechanics are screwed up enough so that all archers can fight to win without a scratch. Construction time up to 27 hours (!), Four cities, and an army of archers dominant, there is no reason to continue.